Mini-workshop on discrete models and methods

University of Szeged, Faculty of Education

Mini-workshop on discrete models and methods
November 24-25, 2011
Szeged, Hungary

The goal of the workshop is to collect and exhange ideas from the wide range of topics in discrete models and methods. On the one hand, the presentations are to cover advanced algoritmic and modelling techniques, such as efficient exact methods with computational bounds, approximation algorithms, metaheuristic approaches, stochastic programming, computational machine learning and parallel computing. On the other hand, the applied solutions are used for highly challenging problems from the area of artificial intelligence, data mining and combinatorial optimization, among others.


Organized by
Discrete Optimization and Data Mining Laboratory (DOMLAB)
University of Szeged, Gyula Juhász Faculty of Education

Supported by

Grant agreement no. TÁMOP-4.2.2-08/1-2008-0006